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DJ Sadic- All white ensemble

The elegance in white cannot be ignored. Whether it is formal or casual wear, this is definitely the go to colour for a classic look. DJ Sadic definitely got it all right in this beautiful white ensemble with an addition of designer glasses to complete the look.



Any man without a white T-shirt in their closet has some serious issues with their sense of fashion. This one is like a live saver. You can wear it to many occasions even formal ones and you wont look like an outsider. You can choose to go with  a V neck or a round one. Depends on your preference.

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It is hard to find a casual look without jeans in the equation.  For this look, you can choose plain or ripped jeans depending on what you prefer. Chinos too would be a good choice as long as they are slim fitting and not baggy.

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I don't see sneakers, especially the white ones, going out of fashion any time soon. With more people leaning towards casual wear, sneakers are definitely here to stay. The white pair of sneakers hits the nail of perfection on DJ Sadic's look.

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10 Most Stylish Male Celebrities in Kenya

Kenyan male celebrities  are undeniably among the most fashionable in the world. That is of course, without ignoring the fact that some of them have got pretty horrible sense of fashion. But it goes without saying that most of our men in the entertainment industry are really investing in their looks.
 In this post, I will be revealing a list of 15 Kenyan male celebrities who are really investing in their looks. Of course it is not possible to cover each one of them. These are just a few we think really stand out from the crowd.
We will be updating this list frequently so make sure to bookmark this post in case of any updates.

1. DJ Mo

DJ Mo is one of Kenya's most celebrated DJ's. He is married to Size 8, a well known gospel artist in Kenya.  His style is invariably unique and probably appealing to his fans.

Quick Facts

Real Name : Sammy Muraya
Stage name: Dj Mo
Career: Gospel Dj

Fleek Style

DJ Mo rocks both casual and formal wear like a pro. His style is unique and admirable.

2. Bahati

Bahati is an award winning  Kenyan Gospel musician who rose into the limelight with such gospel hits as "Mama", "Machozi" and "Lover. His songs are among the most watched in Kenya. He founded Emb Records to help aspiring artists grow their music.

Quick facts

Real Name: Kevin Mbuvi
Stage Name : Bahati
Career: Gospel artist

Fleek Style

Apart from mesmerizing his fans with his enviable music talent, Bahati also has our eyes dilating  in admiration for his fashion sense. Whether it is casual or formal wear, Bahati's sense of fashion easily places him among the most stylish male celebrities, especially in the music industry.

3. King Kaka aka Rabbit Kaka Sungura

Rabbit is one of Kenya's most prolific musicians. He is a renowned Hip hop artist, song writer, executive producer, entrepreneur, among other things. King Kaka does not just confine himself to music. His sense of business and entrepreneurship cannot be ignored.

Quick Facts

Real Name: Kennedy Ombima
Stage Name : Kaka Sungura aka King Kaka aka Rabbit
Career: Rapper

Fleek style

The self proclaimed king of rap leaves no doubt about his sharp eye for unique fashion styles. Mostly known for his amazing three piece suits, King Kaka is a master not only in his music but also in the fashion arena.

4. DJ Sadic

DJ Sadic's name will easily feature among the best DJs Kenya has got. He is a genius in what he does and is also known for his efforts to grow young talent. Aside from that, his sense of fashion is as as spell bounding as it is enviable.

Quick Facts

Real Name: Marvin Sande
Stage Name : DJ Sadic
Career: Gospel DJ

Fleek Style 

DJ Sadic's fashion style oozes nothing but elegance. The dread locked mix guru has a lot to be admired ( and copied) in terms of fashion. Casual sits well with him and so does formal wear.

5. Willy Paul

Wilson Abubakar Radido is a Kenyan award-winning Contemporary Christian Music artist and songwriter from Kasarani in Nairobi. Willy Paul was named male artist of the year at the 2013 Groove Awards alongside his mentor Gloria Muliro who took the female artist of the year award. Some of his well-known singles are Sitolia, Kitanzi and You never Know which have earned him international fame, including a famous tour of the US where he performed in different churches in several States (Wikipedia)

Quick Facts

Real Name: Wilson Abubakar Radido
Stage Name : Willy Paul
Career: Gospel artist

Fleek Style

Apart from the controversy and fame surrounding him, Willy Paul has got many attention with his astute sense of fashion. He is the daring type who tries new styles ( perhaps to stir more controversy ) and won't shy away from uniqueness and authenticity.

6. Larry Madowo

Larry Madowo is a Kenyan journalist and news anchor who specializes in technology, current affairs and entertainment. He is known for hosting TV shows such as The Trend on NTV, his controversial political ideologies and the ingrained thirst to visit every country in the universe.

Quick Facts

Real name: Larry Madowo
Career: Journalist 

Fleek Style 

Being a TV personality, Larry Madowo's style lean more towards the formal angle. Nontheless, he is can also manage to pull a dapper look with most casual wear. He is mostly known for his signature kitenge outfits.

7. Octopizzo

Octopizzo is a hip hop artist and a youth activist from Kibera.  He is the founder of Octopizzo Foundation, founder of Refugee Art programmee dubbed “Artist for Refugee” with UNHRC , Ambassador for Awareness on violence against women and girls and also an actor (Softkenya)

Quick Facts 

Real Name : Henry Ohanga
Stage Name : Octopizzo

Fleek Style

Mostly known, for rocking casual wear, Octopizzo's style is a work of elegance and authenticity. The famous rapper's love for floral outfits and flashy jewelry is undeniable.

8. Nick Mutuma

Nick Mutuma is one of the most well known actors in Kenya. He is known for feauturing in drama series such as Tabasamu and Shuga. Nick is also a model, TV hostel and Radio Presenter.

Quick Facts 
Real Name : Nichola Mutuma Munene
Stage Name : Nick Mutuma
Career : Actor, Model, Television host

Fleek Style

Coupled with his undeniably good looks, Nick Mutuma's sense of style is admirable. He is one of the few male celebrities who can pull any look flawlessly. Whether it is casual or formal wear, Nick has a way of getting all of us to agree with his fashion.

9. Otile Brown

Otile Brown is coast based contemporary musician, Song Writer, Guitarist and an Actor. Otile who is said to have started singing at a very tender age has made a name for himself in the music industry. His voice is unbelievably amazing and most of his songs are hit makers.

Quick Facts 

Real Name : Unknown
Stage Name : Otile Brown 
Career :  Contemporary musician, Song Writer, Guitarist and an Actor.

Fleek Style
Otile does not just get us hooked to his musical prowess but also his unique sense of fashion. He knows the right combination of outfits that will get people hooked and most of the time, he does not disappoint. 

10. Eric Omondi

 Eric Omondi has been in the entertainment industry for as long as I can remember.  Being one of Kenya's top comedian, Eric is hard to ignore. This is partly because of his consistent refusal to grow muscles and partly because of his astute sense of style.

Quick Facts  
Real name :Eric Omondi
Career: Comedian, actor.

Fleek Style 

Eric's style breathes elegance. He chooses to be classic and original whether he is spotting a formal or casual wear. Being a comedian, he also keeps some really weird outfits in his closet. 

Harmonize Blends Music and Fashion Like a Pro

Harmonize is an undeniably talented musician. The Tanzanian based artist has in recent times amassed a ton of admirable reputation for his unparalleled musical prowess.

Aside from music, Harmonize has got the attention of many fans for his sharp sense of fashion. Like his ally in the music industry, Diamond Platnumz, Harmonize does not just focus on honing his skills as a musician but also building a a good public image. What other way to do that than spot a classic wear?

In this casual wear, Harmonize blends a red varsity jacket and sneakers with white ripped jeans and Tee to perfect the look.





Yemi Alade's All White Delight

Suits are better suited for men? No, think again. With the "What a man can do, a woman can do" notion, it is pretty clear this is one of the areas and yes, Yemi nailed it.

Best known for her hit single Jonny, Yemi Eberechi Alade or as we all know her Yemi Alade is undoubtedly the queen of Afropop.

This talented Nigerian singer and songwriter has gained prominence across the world not only for her catchy tunes but also her style.

One thing I love about her is she always surprises us with new looks. There is literally nothing she can't pull off. Her sense of fashion never disappoints too.

Very few outfits can stand out like the classical white suit and Yemi sure did know this when she made her choice.


Well as a woman, it is crucial to get a suit that fits just right and accentuates your curves to avoid having a plain look.

Considering the bottom part of a suit is usually constant, you can play around with the top part of it.

Try out a blazer with an assymmetrical hem, a little animal print detail, one with a bow instead of buttons or one with no buttons at all.

                             CHECK PRICE

                              CHECK PRICE

                             CHECK PRICE

                             CHECK PRICE

Though we've said the bottom part is not that versatile, you should ensure it fits just right too. High waist pants work out really well.

                        CHECK PRICE

Another classical piece, which makes it the perfect fit for this suit. There are so many options, you can get one with spaghetti straps, lace detail or just a tank top.



Nothing shouts elegance more that pointed toe heels. They have the ability to make any outfit look classy. For more detail, we go for pointed toe heels with a bow.
                              CHECK PRICE

                             CHECK PRICE

Especially if it's an event that will take place at night or one where you need to make bold fashion statements.

You can never fail to notice one of these in any crowd. If you can't see, there is none. Gives you the right kind of attention. Who doesn't want that at least every now and then?

                             CHECK PRICE

To finish up this look, get a pair of statement earrings especially if your hair is held up in a bun or if you have short hair. Let your earrings complement your clutch bag.

Now go out there and rock that suit like you mean it, you've got this girl. Til next time, keep it fleek.

Alikiba's Casual Charm

From releasing celebrated song hits to rubbing shoulders with Diamond Platnumz, Ali Saleh Kiba, popularly known as Alikiba has a fashion sense that cannot be ignored.
Whether it's casual or formal wear, Alikiba has a way of pairing simple but classy outfits into a dapper ensemble.

In today's look, the Aje hitmaker rocks a casual white tee, black rugged jeans, white sneakers and sunglasses to bring out a classic casual look.



If you have a thing for casual wear, you probably have a tee in any of the colours hanging around in your wardrobe. Black and white T-shirts are usually a favourite with many male casual lovers. But you should not confine yourself to thes
 two colours.
You can go for one with a dash of embroidery. Or if your are hitting the beach, why not grap a flowery tee.


With a white tee, most colours would be good to go; white, blue, red...
For instance if you want to rock an all white look, considering we have the white sneakers, you will choose white jeans. But if you are not a fan of monochrome, you still have many choices or simply stick to Alikiba's black.

Any dapper casual look have sneakers in the equation; probably. Again, you have a number of choices to make when it comes to colours. Which is your favourite? I love these white ones.

Sunglasses should make the casual look perfect. Go for classy but not too expensive pair. Remember the whole point is to look chic on cheap.

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